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Hi and welcome to Suburbia Mom!

My name is Danielle and I am a mom living in the suburbs of Detroit.  I enjoy blogging because I love the sence of community it brings.  Blogging connects me with amazing women like you!  When I share my thoughts, ideas, experiences, and inspirations with you, I feel a virtual bond that is hard to explain.  But, I'm sure you get it.  Many times as moms, we don't have the opportunity to call our friends on the phone and chat about this or that. This is where blogging becomes my jam.  I get to release my desire to share and I get to connect with my tribe.

How Suburbia Mom got started...

I started blogging when I was on maternity leave with my son.  I would rock him to sleep in his rock n play (because he would NOT nap in his crib) while we sat in our family room which was pitch black from the black out shades.  I would get him to sleep and then sit down and search for mother related information and support.  I loved reading other women's blogs and thought, hey I should blog!  How fun!  I quickly went to Blog Spot and created an account. I was so motivated I even wrote a blog post that very day. Needless to say, I eventually came up with Suburbia Mom and purchased the domain.  It's been a slow process but I am sticking with it.  I just love the connection I get through blogging and I've met some really amazing people!

On a Personal Note...

I'm born and raised in Michigan.  I am currently raising my family in the suburbs of Detroit and love living close to Detroit.   On any given weekend, we can be found roaming the streets of Detroit or one of the surrounding suburbs.  We like to keep busy!  As I sit and write this, I look around at the decor in my home and I realize that Suburbia Mom was no accident.  I have wall art in my home from local artists, the Detroit Skyline framed, and other locally purchased decor.  I put pride in buying local and if it is Michigan Made, I'm sold.  

I'm a teacher by day and mom and wife both day and night. My husband and children are my everything.  Blogging squeezes its way in whenever I have some down time during those late evenings.  Blogging also inspires me to try new things and take risks.  It connects me with you and most importantly I grow as an individual as I find my tribe from this blogging community.

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