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Applesauce, a Fall Favorite

Fall brings the joy of beautiful colored trees, a picture perfect Sunday drive, and family outings to the local apple orchards.  Recently, we went to Westview Apple Orchard  in Washington Twp. which is about an hour outside of Detroit. We took our 10 week old son and enjoyed a beautiful fall day.

A fun filled day at Westview Apple Orchard
In Michigan, "an apple a day to keep the doctor away" is easy to accomplish. Especially this fall.   Lush apple trees are bearing fruit and apple orchards are busy selling apple cider and donuts.  Compared to last season, apples are abundant this year.  This means lots of apple pies, apple butter, apple cider, and applesauce!

Yum! The smell of fresh baked apple pies and applesauce brings back great childhood memories.  My grandmother would spend weeks making pies and delivering them to family and friends.  She would purchase bushels of apples and my great grandfather would peel and dice the apples.  I would help my grandmother bake and together we could tackle many pies at once. It was a fun family project!

Now I have a family of my own and I  hope my son will remember the delicious smell of apples being baked. This year my husband made tons of apple butter and just when we thought we were done with apples, Busches Market had 3 lb bags of apples for $.99.  Wow what a deal! So we purchased 12 lbs of apples to make applesauce.

Making applesauce is a fairly easy project.  The hardest part is peeling and coring the apples. We use the Apple Corer and Slicer by Pampered Chef. It makes the job much easier and saves lots of valuable time.  http://www.pamperedchef.com/our_products/catalog/product.jsp?productId=229&categoryCode=CE

Rinse apples before peeling
Pampered Chef Peeler and Corer (Great tool to have)

Dice apples 
Place in large pot and cook apples ( sugar is optional) We added sugar and cinnamon. 

Blend/puree apples and you have applesauce!

We canned our applesauce.  Check out Ball's Applesauce recipe and instructions on how to make and can applesauce.

Having homemade applesauce around as a dessert in the middle of winter is a great way to bring back those great fall memories we shared as a family.  Happy picking!

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