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Making Sweet Potato Baby Food

Yummy Sweet Potatoes! Today was the first day I made baby food for our son and it was so easy! I wish my dinner was just as easy.  We have a babycook and it is a handy tool. It definately made the process quick and painless. I love how it steams and purees all in one.  

 I purchased one organic sweet potato from Krogers.  I was able to fill a complete icecube tray worth of meals from just one sweet potato.  Much cheaper than jarred baby food, plus I know it's fresh and free of preservatives. 
Once I rinsed and peeled the potato, I cut it into small cubes and put into steamer.  I steamed for 15 minutes and then pureed the potatoes with the water left over from steaming and 3 ounces of breastmilk.  I didn't have an exact recipe and I just added the water and breastmilk as needed.  

Beckett loved his sweet potato meal.  I look forward to making him more meals.  I am brainstorming on what will be next.  I am thinking possilbly some type of squash.  

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