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Less is More from Santa

We celebrated a very memorable Christmas as a family of three. Next year we will be a family of four as our family grows and new memories are made. 

Our son is only 17 months old so we knew not to overwhelm him with presents. Not to mention he has everything a little boy needs. The best part was setting the scene on the Eve to create that "Awe" moment in the morning. And boy was he surprised! There were lots of presents under the tree (Santa was good to mom and dad) and a Thomas the Train activity table set up where our coffee table was. His eyes lit up and he ran to the tracks! That was the "awe" factor we were hoping for. He was excited and it was Christmas. 

We wrapped four gifts for our little man and we only made it through two. One was a book and he loves to read so we stopped and enjoyed a story during the gift giving ceremony. This is when I realized how simple it really is. Less is more. We got more out of a little 5.00 book than any expensive gift we've purchased him. We will continue to stop and enjoy this same book throughout our days and the joy of having our little boy bring us a book to read while he sits on our lap is another gift in itself. 

When I journey through this next year, I'm going to live by the motto " less is more". Instead of having a ton of lip stick colors to tote around in my purse, how about one neutral color that looks awesome on me! Instead of a lot of clothes taking space in my closet, how about a few nice pieces that I love and look great on me! How about less food portions to help promote a healthy weight gain during my pregnancy. I can think of many reasons why " less is more" this coming year. 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!

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