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My Quest for Good Coffee and I Need your Help

I remember my first coffee pot in my little duplex apartment while attending college.  It probably cost me $10 at Walmart and I bought the cheapest coffee I could find.  Keep in mind, I didn't even drink coffee, and when I made a pot...it was nothing to boast about.  I had no clue on how to portion the water to the grounds so it was common to be watered down. 

Then came the day that I suffered through a cup of black coffee to make a long drive to the city.  By the time I made my way through that strong cup of coffee, I was wide awake!  And as you can imagine...I went back for more the next time I had to make that long drive and before I knew it, I was a black coffee lover!

I've traveled many different paths along my coffee loving journey.  There were the days when I visited the Tim Hortons drive through daily on my way to work and then came the days when K-cups were a thing.  No more slow drip drop coffee! The Keurig made a single cup of coffee in seconds. It wasn't long until that got expensive and my love for the planet convinced me I needed to stop.  Now if I see a Starbucks drive through, I may cut you off to get in line! 

Currently we grind our coffee beans, pack the grounds in a reusable K-cup adapter, and through our Cuisinart Keurig it goes.  But the truth be told...it's not really good coffee and I want GOOD coffee.  Plus I must mention...this process is messy!  All that grinding and packing has my counter covered in coffee grounds! Something has to change and I don't even mind if it means going back to the drip drop method of using a simple coffee pot if it means I'm sipping on good coffee. 

It is time for me to find a new method for making coffee. No more mediocre coffee!  I need your help.

  What do you use to brew coffee?  

Please comment below and share.  

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