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The Funky Frog Children's Resale Boutique {Rochester}

Let's be real... as much as we love to dress our kids in those cute denim pants and designer shirts, it hurts a little when you spend full retail price and they refuse to wear that cute outfit!

Recently my daughter refused to wear (in my opinion) the cutest outfit ever! I purchased it at a special boutique store and for whatever reason she would not... could not... wear it.  I tried everything to try to coax her into wearing it.  I may of even said I'd give her a special treat if she would wear it but she just wasn't having it.  I heard this happens... but at three!  I can see 13 but I didn't see this coming already!

Then there's my son.  I have not been able to pick out his outfit since he was 3.  Every morning he finds himself a short sleeved sporty shirt (mind you it's -10 degrees outside) and a pair of his "cool" and "sporty" pants.  I've made many outfit suggestions just to be politely shut down with a "no thank you, I want to wear this!"  It is safe to say that I now proceed with caution when it comes to clothing for my kids. Designer shoes and pants must come as a bargain and many times found at second hand stores.

Facebook Market Place/Groups

When the Market Place on Facebook first came out, I found myself meeting moms in parking lots and driving across town to pick up a cute pair of winter boots or jacket. I even tried selling clothes myself in Facebook groups but that didn't go well.  I found it to be a hard gig for just a few bucks. Nothing is worse than planning to meet someone and no one shows up.   I soon resented traveling long distances for one single item. Now, if I decide to make a deal on FB, I first make sure the item I'm showing interest in is within close proximity of my home.  If it is an easy drive, an awesome deal, and worth my time driving or meeting someone, I'll try to seal the deal.

Resale Shops

I find resale shops to be a safe bet when it comes to finding your basics and those specialty items that you just wouldn't pay full retail price for.  Most children resale shops will have plenty of clothing for children ranging from newborn sizes to size 7/8.  Prices range anywhere from $2 and up depending on the clothing brand.  

 The Funky Frog Children's Resale Boutique

One of my go to resale shops for children's clothing is The Funky Frog Children's Resale Boutique downtown Rochester.  Here you will find upscale brands of clothing for both boys and girls of all sizes from newborn and up. Recently, while shopping at The Funky Frog I purchased many great clothing pieces for my daughter.  I even scored Matilda Jane clothing at prices that make it affordable for her to have a closet full!  If you are in the Rochester area be sure to stop in and see what you can find.  You'll have fun looking for that exciting deal or designer jacket. 


When it comes to cosigning I love The Funky Frog.  It is a great way to make money for that next size and sell those Uggs you just had to buy that only lasted a season.  

What is awesome about cosigning at The Funky Frog is that if you use your store credit for purchasing items within the store, you receive an additional 10% off!  Since my children were babies, I've enjoyed maintaining a store credit.  This way I can stop in for that perfect Easter dress or outfit and feel as though I didn't spend a dime!

To learn more about cosigning at The Funky Frog visit their website and be sure to follow The Funky Frog on Facebook. Often times Renee (the owner) will go Live on Facebook showcasing the newest and hottest items.

Be sure to check out The Funky Frog.  Your treasure is awaiting! 

The Funky Frog
Children's Resale Boutique
433 Main Street
Rochester, MI 48307

Do you have a favorite children's resale shop?  Have you been to The Funky Frog?  Please share, we love learning about new places and where to find that next size for our little ones. 

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