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Our Love for Goldfish Swim School

It was a little over six years ago and I was pregnant for my first child.  I remember spending an entire sleepless night worrying about our pool in the backyard and the precautions we'd need to take to keep our kids safe.  It was so worrisome that I contacted our realtor and started looking at homes without a pool. 

After weighing out our options, we decided to stay in our house with the pool and we'd ensure that we had levels of security in place to keep our kids safe.  We purchased a safety fence, a safety pool cover, and added alarm security to all doors including the safety gate.  While this felt great, I remember my husband's exact words..."none of this matters as much as teaching them how to swim." As you can imagine, swim lessons have been a must for us since our kids were babies.

We started swim lessons at the age of four months.  I remember taking my son to the local high school where community classes were offered.  While the instructor was amazing, all I can remember is being cold!  At the time, I remembered hearing about Goldfish Swim School and their 90 degree pool.  We quickly learned that learning to swim in no fun if you are blue in the lips from being cold.  Soon we found our way to Goldfish in Rochester and we've been in love since our first visit!

Fast forward six years and we have two little swimmers that love to swim.  It is so fun to see them enjoy our pool and it is comforting knowing they have the swim skills necessary to survive.  Of course we can't take our eyes off from them, as they do tire quickly, but it feels great to know they can swim.

Goldfish Swim School is completely geared to make our kids feel welcomed.  Its cute decor and warm pool make it fun and inviting!  Everything from the showers to dressing rooms are equipped with everything you need.  They even host birthday parties!

Our biggest love for Goldfish Swim School is the curriculum.  It works! My little swimmers are able to swim because of Goldfish  and we love them because of this!  The class sizes are small and the instructors are patient and encouraging. Progress reports are given on a regular basis and as your swimmer progresses, they are moved on to the next swim level. 

If you have a little one that is still learning to swim, now is the time to enroll. I am a big supporter of swim lessons.  It's the best gift we can give ourselves and our children.   Goldfish Swim School has many locations throughout the United States and within the Detroit area. 

Have you been to Goldfish Swim School?  If so, what do you love about Goldfish Swim School?  What age did your kids learn to swim? Comment below and share!
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