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Ben Seidman Camera Tricks LIVE on Zoom Review


Imagine a world with LIVE entertainment on the screen of your own living room!  Imagine in the comfort of your own home you can cozy up with the family dog and enjoy your favorite take out as you are fully entertained. No masks needed as you are not worried about touching surfaces that may cause you to run to the restroom to thoroughly wash your hands.  

If you told me a year ago that I would have to skip out on going to The Fox Theater because of a virus I would have not believed you. Well the unbelievable truth is happening and the only thing we can do is make the best of it and that is exactly what Ben Seidman is doing with his LIVE Interactive Virtual Magic on Zoom.

This live virtual show is for the entire family.  The kids will love it.  This was my kids first magic show and they were sitting at the edge of their seats. Ben's bottle trick is still talked about in our home.  

Using Zoom to watch this show live is simple.  A Zoom login and link is sent to your email address and you can connect by simply clicking the link. Each ticket is good for one screen viewing.  You can gather the entire family and stream the show to your television.  It was also so much fun to see the other guests attending as we all waved to each other and felt the virtual connection.  

I give a big shout out to Ben Seidman and his determination to keep up with the times. He had to pivot and change the way he entertained.  

If you are looking for fun and affordable live entertainment for the entire family with the best seat in the house look no further.  Camera Tricks Live with Ben Seidman will certainly impress! 

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