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The Gift of Swim Lessons at Goldfish Swim School and Holiday Package Giveaway!

This post is sponsored by Goldfish Swim School.  Thank you so much for supporting Detroit local businesses and establishments.  Goldfish Swim School is a family favorite!

I think we all know the feeling we get after Christmas when those toys Santa imagined being a huge hit just didn't have the "wow" factor that the jolly old man wished for.  It happens every year.  Santa had what he thought to be the perfect gift and there it sits, new, and lonely with a pile of other unloved toys.

Well this year we're getting smart and asking for swim lessons for Christmas!  It's the perfect gift from Grandma and Grandpa! The kids are so excited to go to Goldfish Swim School! They even added a swimsuit to their wish list! We will be able to burn energy and get the sillies out each week all while continuing  to learn to swim!  A bonus is you will even find Grandma and Grandpa coming to watch us swim!

Or how about those days when the kids are bouncing off the walls because they are going stir crazy from being locked indoors?  In Michigan we get a lot of those days! Those are the days you wish you had an outlet. Something to do to help burn all that energy bottled up.  Not this year!  We have a plan.

Goldfish Swim School has the perfect gift package available for the holidays. These packages are available at all locations throughout the Metro Detroit area. It truly is the perfect the gift! I am thankful each week that we have the opportunity to learn to swim while having fun.  The kids absolutely love it and yours will too!

Locations around Metro Detroit

  • Goldfish Swim School- Ann Arbor
  • Goldfish Swim School- Birmingahm
  • Goldfish Swim School-Canton
  • Goldfish Swim School-Clarkston
  • Goldfish Swim School-Farmington Hills
  • Goldfish Swim School- Macomb
  • Goldfish Swim School- Rochester

The Holiday Package Includes

  1. Two months of swim lessons
  2. Waived registration fees
  3. Family swim passes
  4. Winter Hat
  5. Water bottle

The best part is one lucky fish will win a Holiday Gift Package!

How to Enter

  1. Comment on this blog post below and tell me who you would love to win this package for. Why would they love swim lessons as a gift?
  2. Once you have placed a comment click on the Rafflecopter giveaway and check that you have made a comment.  
  3. Once you unlock your entry, there are other ways to boost your entries. 
  4. Good Luck!
Enter Here

A winner will be randomly chosen on December 10th.  Contest winner must be able to pick up the package at the Rochester location in Michigan. Good Luck!

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  1. My daughter would love winter swim lessons!

  2. I'd love to win this for my son!

  3. My son went through all the levels and is a great swimmer. My daughter needs to finish some up, but we took a break. I think it is time to go back.

  4. My kids LIKE VE Goldfish! They have been swimming there for since they were 2 and I can’t say enough good things about the teachers, atmosphere and fun.

  5. We love Goldfish!! Jackson (my son) LOVES the water!! We would love to go back!

  6. Our kids love swimming! We would love the opportunity to try out Goldfish!

  7. I would love to win this for my younger daughter. My older daughter had swim lessons for a long time and the younger one has not had them as much. She would love it!!!

  8. So proud of you for writing this blog. Swim lessons would be great!

  9. My youngest daughter would love swim lessons! She loves playing in the bath so I know she would enjoy it! :)

  10. My son needs to learn how to swim. He is seven. I think he would do well with the right instructor

  11. My son would love swim lessons! He loves the water and is going to be around pools next summer.

  12. I’d love to win lessons for my son!

  13. I would love this for my son! My kiddo has autism and want to make sure he knows how to stay safe around water.

  14. I would love for my son who is starting to get over his fear of water. If I win I might purchase lessons for his brother to join him. 😊

  15. My son Miles would like love swim lessons!

  16. Thank you for entering! We will choose the winner today on Facebook Live at Goldfish in Rochester. Best of luck and Happy Holidays.

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