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It's that time of year again...Halloween!

I will be the first one to admit it, Halloween is getting out of control.  Don't get me wrong, Halloween is definitely a fun time of year for both children and adults, but I am shocked at how much effort and money people invest in this Pagan holiday we now call Halloween. In my neighborhood alone, many homes are decorated with skeletons, ghosts and goblins.   No, not a simple pumpkin or corn stalk, I'm talking entire front yards and porches completely spooked out. It's a sight to see!  I give these families credit for taking the time to decorate and then giving up even more time to take down the decorations.  These decorated homes are what makes Halloween so fun for everyone, adults included.  

It is shocking how many adults are now participating in Halloween. They have their own Halloween parties and of course "adult only costumes".  A few years ago my husband and I went to Vegas during Halloween weekend and the entire strip was filled with adults in costumes.  Some appropriate and others not. My cousin begins to think about her costume beginning November 1st and works on it all year round.  Now me, I am a last minute girl.  I usually come up with something from things I already have.  I like to have an authentic look and usually check out local vintage stores and thrift shops. Someone once told me that Halloween is a time for adults to dress up as who they "really are".  I found that interesting and slightly true!

Children on the other hand, love to dress up as one of their favorite cartoon or movie characters. Mothers spend time making costumes or spend a fortune for a poorly made costume at Party City.  While at baby yoga today, a few moms were having a conversation about what their children were dressing up as for Halloween, and it wasn't a shocker to me that their children were both being Sulley and a Power Ranger. Each year there are a few popular costumes and this year it happens to be those two.  

When I think back to my childhood memories of Halloween, I remember many rainy,cold nights, lots of candy, visiting my Aunt Susan to get her yummy candied apples and my favorite, the sound of leaves being shuffled around by beggars feet. Still today, I smile when I hear the sounds of leaves being shuffled around.  It brings back great memories!

Whether you are one to go all out for Halloween or not, I think in the end, everyone finds some kind of joy out of Halloween.  Even if its complaining that Halloween is out of control!

Share what joys you get out of Halloween?

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