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Those avoiding soy...Soy in some Vitamins!

I am literally in shock. Ok that may be a little over exaggerating but I am very surprised at the fact that soy is so widely used . Those of you who have read a previous post on my soy issue, due to my breast fed baby having an intolerance, are aware of my frustration with soy being in what feels like EVERYTHING.

Ok, so I am now a label reading fanatic. It drives my husband nuts! But I think it is surprising to both of us at how widely soy  is used. I almost fell over when I found that my prenatal vitamin and calcium vitamin contains soy! Ugh really!!!

Looks like I will be off to Whole Foods Market to purchase a quality prenatal vitamin. So for those who have a soy intolerance, don't forget to check the label ingredients of your daily vitamins. 
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