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Nothing to it! Easy Crock Pot Roast

 It was one of those chilly, rainy fall days. A perfect day for a comfort meal. Besides our grill was out of propane. That's how you know it's the end of summer, no juice for grilling, and of course the chill in your bones.

I needed to make something easy for dinner.  Life with a three month old is busy in itself, so it must be quick and easy with very little clean up. Oh and yummy! Also this restricted diet makes things very limiting. It can't have dairy, soy, nuts or eggs. And shockingly enough, 60% of food items in grocery stores contain soy which makes dinner even more challenging. 

Ha a roast! I took a pot roast, salt and peppered it, sliced red skinned potatoes, peeled carrots and placed them in the crock pot. I added a half cup of water and sprinkled some thyme over the potatoes and cooked on low for 8 hours . It was so quick and easy. Best of all , yummy. Nothing fancy,but perfect for our busy family !

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