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A Beautiful Fall Birthday in Michigan

A fall birthday in Michigan can go two ways. Extremely cold and miserable or sunny and beautiful.  Lucky for me, it was sunny and beautiful on my birthday this year. It was one of those picture perfect days! Clear blue sunny skies and 65 degrees.

The day started out with coffee and breakfast as we brainstormed on how to spend my birthday.  Under normal circumstances, I would be at work watching the clock, just waiting for 3:30 so I could get home for a nice dinner.  But this birthday was special, I was still home on maternity leave with my son and it was my first birthday celebration as a new mommy.  Plus my husband took the day off from work to spend it with us.  We had the entire day to enjoy the perfect weather nature gifted me for my birthday!

We decided to visit Van Hoosen Farm. It was nice getting outside and getting some fresh air.  It won't be long and the weather will take a turn and these grounds will be covered with snow.  It was relaxing to walk the grounds and enjoy the beauty Michigan has to offer.

Van Hoosen Farm has beautiful grounds to explore!

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