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Pinterest Party

I remember the day I created a Pinterest account.  Who would have thought after a few years, I would be part of a Pinterest crafting group. I'm not crafty but I do enjoy pinning to my boards as I gather endless ideas of things I may or may never make. And the weird part is, I feel productive after pinning. As if I accomplished something!

Every few months a handful of us girls gather to get crafty and actually make a craft and cook a recipe from our Boards. It never fails....I spend hours searching for my craft and always wait to the last minute to gather my materials.  Oh the time I waste tooling around on Pinterest! It's very easy to get distracted and begin pinning to my Fashion Board.

Our last Pinterest Party had a Christmas theme. I made these yummy No Bake Cake Pops! They were so easy and delicious. I actually plan to make these for Christmas Eve and maybe for the girls at work.

My craft was this monogrammed letter below.

It's easy. Just follow these simple steps.


Lesson learned... Use Black Letters instead of these white.

  1. Hot Glue Gun
  2. Scissors
  3. Black letter ( Michaels
  4. Red Holy Berries
  5. Ribbon
  1. Cut berries off stems 
  2. Hot glue onto letter
  3. Tie on Ribbon
  4. Hang 
It's that easy! My only major suggestion is make sure you use a black letter. I started off with a white letter and it looked awful! 

Happy Pinteresting!

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