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Pregnancy: The Second Round

When I was preggnant for my little guy I had it made.  I rested as needed and made sure I always had a healthy meal to eat.   Yoga classes and exercising at the gym was consistant and I felt great!  It was fun to show off the bump and I even had fun buying maternity clothes.  I  guess you could say I was floating on cloud 9!  

Now my little guy is 18 months old and I am six months preggnant and I am spinning in circles and EXHAUSTED! My house is a constant battle to keep clean, preparing healthy meals is no longer an enjoyable hobby, it's a must, since I have a little one to feed.  I try to continue to eat healthy but sometimes the stress gets the best of me, and I find myself eating a little too many sweets. I have a serious sweet tooth.  Working out is always on my mind.  Durring my fist pregnancy I had to push myself to go and now I wish I could go.  Time goes fast when you are trying to keep up with a toddler.  In reality its a workout in itself. 

Some days I foget I am pregnant because I am so busy with my day.  With my first, that's all I EVER  thought about.  It consumed my every thought.  I thought about the nursery, my registry, baby names, my delivery, the week to week changes and now I'm due in three months and I am not sure about any of these things.  I'm sure I will kick it in high gear when the "nesting" kicks in. The fact that I am sitting down to write this makes me think that I am in the beginning stages of "nesting".  Thinking about things is a very good start. 

Every pregnancy has its story.  The first for me was a fairy tale and my second one so far has been a fast roller coaster.  It's starting to happen.  I''m getting bigger and feeling pregnant.  I'm a few weeks from entering my third trimester and reality is striking.  We're having another baby!

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