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Healthy Pregnancy/ Lifestyle Changes

Healthy Foods and natural products are somewhat a hobby for me.  I literally love spending my evenings looking up different healthy eating tips and natural remedies for everyday use.  After years of research and having tried many new products and remedies I consider myself a little bit of a "crunchy mom" or others may call me a "granola mom".  My son is cloth diapered and organics are top of my list when it comes to eating healthy.  

During my first pregnancy, I found a love for counting calories and eating as healthy as I could to gain only healthy weight during my pregnancy.  I loved lentils and was on a lentil salad kick the entire time.  

This pregnancy the focus is not on the amount of weight and calorie counting but instead on avoiding GMO Foods and eating "clean" or organic foods.  Especially trying to eat organically the dirty 14 fruits and veggies announced this year such as strawberries and bell peppers.  Please note the word "Try".  Sometimes I eat conventional fruits and veggies that are listed on the dirty 14 list.  For an example...potatoes are on the list.  Many times I will have a potato starch at a resturant and its not organically grown.  Or when I am a guest at someones home, I don't raid their fridge to see the food packaging to see if its organic.  Even at home we will choose to buy conventional fruits and veggies.  Sometimes it fits our budget better.  For an example, last week Krogers had red, yellow and green peppers on sale for 1.00 each.  I knew they were on the dirty 14 list but the organic ones were selling for 1.99 each and were not looking very good.  So I purchased a couple.  But this is a rare decision.  I usually don't mind spending more on organiclly grown produce. 

My new kick is BPA from canned goods.  I was shocked by this and did my research and sure enough cans are lined with a BPA substance to prevent our food from tasting like metal from the can.  Through my research, I found that canned tomatoes are the worse to eat because the acidity from the tomatoes strip the BPA on the can and is absorbed in the tomato.  Gross! I panicked a bit when I read the effects BPA can have on little ones.  Our sons main food for the last 9 months has been canned beans.  I thought since they were organic they were great to eat. I never worried about BPA until now.  I now buy my beans in a bag, soak them over night and cook and simmer the next day.  Oh why didn't I think of this before.  They are much better tasting than canned beans.  Plus you get tons for the price.

Now this GMO awareness I've been researching is really bothersome to me.  I can't say too much about this yet since this is new to me.  I'm in the process of reading labels and figuring out what is GMO and what isn't.    I am also in the process of eliminating this from my home.  It's hard.  Soy Lecithin is in so many things and this soy product is genetically modified.  I've read that organcially grown is the only way to be sure it's not a GMO product. I've also read that zucchini and squash have been genetically modified and since there are no existing labeling laws at the time, its hard to know whether this produce you are buying is a GMO veggie.  Ugh how discouraging.  I love eating grilled zucchini and sqush. Maybe I can grow my own this summer using organic seeds.

I could go on and on when it comes to nutrition and health.  I will save you reading time and break it up into different posts.  Check out my new way of making black beans.  No more canned beans for us!

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