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Last Trimester Challenge- Making my "now" to do list

Tomorrow marks the beginning of my last trimester.   I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.   I can officially say "I feel and look pregnant".  People can safely assume I am pregnant and ask me when I am expecting baby without risking offending me and bending over to pick up my 19 month old is not as easy as it was 4 weeks ago.  

When it comes to energy I can put in a full days worth of work and feel fine but I know tougher days are nearer.   My sleeping patterns are beginning to be interrupted by the need to use the restroom or the big move of switching from my left side to my right.  Usually sometime during the night I will feel some baby movement and a good kick in my side.  It's these sleepless nights that will eventually make my days a little less productive and eventually turn into weeks and months of restless nights as I care for our new baby.  It is something that comes natural as we prepare ourselves for the world of baby.

When I think of my last trimester, I think of a long list of things that need to be done.  My first thought is,  I need to make a list and get things done.  Unlike my first pregnancy, which consisted of getting the nursery ready, having a baby shower, baby prepping and organizing; this seasoned mommy is making a more relaxed "to do" list.  Some of these things are....

1. Take a nap when Beckett is napping.- Sounds like a pretty unproductive list huh!?!   But in the reality of things, it is very productive.  If I am dragging and not taking care of myself, my entire day is shot.  I'm short tempered with my son and that's just not fair to him.   

2. Do something fun and toddler friendly with my son while we have this special time together.  It won't be long and we will have to slow down a bit.  Not completely but a little.  So until then, we are going to the zoo, visiting a farm, having play dates, going to the library and finding fun things to do.  

3. Lots of walking-  The weather is breaking here in Michigan and we are finally getting outside again after a long winter.   It's time for some fresh air.  I plan to walk a lot this last trimester.  I may even start up Map My Walk and make weekly goals for myself.  This willl be good for my mind and my health.  

4. Kick butt at work-  I plan to take a long leave from work and I like when I end the school year with a bang.  I will need to have everything organized and ready for someone to kick start my schools off in the fall.  Having everything prepped and in order will make a huge difference in my ability to relax and enjoy baby when I am off.

5. Big Brother Gift-  I plan to organize a special gift for Beckett.  Before the baby is born we will go to Build a Bear and make a bear together.  I will record my voice saying "I love you" and I will give it to him at the hospital.  This way he will have it while I am in the hospital with the baby.  

6. And of course some baby prepping.  Find our newborn tub of clothes, get a dresser for baby, have diapers ready and get out the pumping tools.  The usaul prep for a baby but this time I'm much more relaxed.  I know that a baby needs very little.  

The biggest challenge I face during my last trimester is making time slow down.  I can't wait to meet and greet the new addition to our family but at the same time, I know how important it is to enjoy the "now" and that's how I am going to make my to do list as I prepare for our new baby. I will simply ask myself...What is important to do "now"?  Maybe it will be to play toddler games with my little guy who is only 19 months for this month or take a nap because "now" is the time to do so.  Or maybe it is something important like complete a big project at work.  Either way I'm living my list by the "now".

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  1. I like this picture so much. I am glad, that you have time, which you spend with your child. Moreover, having a stroll on fresh air sounds amazing.


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