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Third Trimester Joys-Sugar Glucose Test

It's the 28 week mark and I'm due for my glucose test today.  I roll my eyes, even though I know that many women do form gestational diabetes and it can be a serious thing.  I was lucky for my first pregnancy and I hope that I am as lucky this time.  

As I am sitting here relaxing before my appointment I can't help but notice how tired I feel.  When I reflect back on what I ate today, it was a lot foods with carbs.  Let's see here...toast with peanut butter and jam for breakfast, handful of grapes, chicken sandwich with cheese on a french boule bread, cottege cheese and a snack bar.  Basically I screwed myself by consuming a bunch of crap foods today.  I most likely feel this sluggish way because of those carbs being processed into sugar.   Ugh I know better too. 

So I did my research real quick and from what I've read, exercise would be my best bet for absorbing glucose so I jumped off the couch, put on my workout clothes, got in my car and hit the gym.  Now the only reason this was possible today was the fact that my son was at daycare.  If he had been home there would be no way I could just pick up and head to the gym.  I of course didn't feel like working out but I spent 30 minures on the elliptical and felt GREAT afterwards.  My energy levels were back!  I wish I would do this everyday!  Hopefully this helped reset my sugar levels and give me a better chance at passing this glucose test. 

I made sure I didn't eat anything more for the next few hours before my test at 3:45.  At 2:45 I drank the substance and it actually wasn't bad.  We will see how the test results come back.  If I do fail the test, at least I know I tried to make up for my poor choices during the first half of the day.  

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