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Toddler Days

One of my goals is to do more sensory projects with my son.   It must be the teacher in me.  While arts and crafts are fun, I'm more into the world of sensory play.  Using sensory play as an activity has kept my son busy so I can get things done and he loves it. It does get messy though! It's a fun kind of mess.  

Recently, I brought in a bowl of snow.  He played until the snow was completely melted and then he called it soup.  It was so cute.  In the end,his clothes were soaked and my floors were a little cleaner from me wiping up all the water.  

A few days later we were busy organizing some closets and I needed to find something for him to do while we got the job done.  I remembered I was saving this bag of left over wheaties for him to sensory play with.  You know those broken pieces at the bottom of the bag of cereal. This worked out perfect since part of sensory play is taste and he was able to have a few bite fulls of wheat as he played.  This again kept him busy for at least 20-30 minutes.  I did need to bring out the vacumn afterwards and do some clean up but if you have dogs, they are always a big help.

 I've been wanting to try is putting ice cubes in his bath to teach hot and cold.   I also want to color noodles and play with cooked pasta.  How fun!   We will see what today brings.
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