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Pregnancy the Second Round

Dear First Pregnancy,

Oh how much I envy you! You sleep when you need it, have the freedom to complete your to do list at your own leisure, and can walk out the door to go to that prenatal yoga class.  I was once you.  I was once pregnant for the first time.  What a happy journey that was for me.  I remember that pregnancy.  I had plenty of massages, had regular visits to the gym and did water aerobics up to the end.  I had a summer baby so I floated in our pool in my bikini and had that sun kissed glow.  I recall during delivery the nurse mentioned my nice color.

Wow did I have it made! I clearly remember getting out of the pool one hot summer afternoon and heading to get a pedicure after spending the day reading how to care for a newborn baby.  Afterwards, I would came home and took it easy and before our leisurely evening walk. 

My diet was well thought out and I made time to cook yummy meals.  I even took the time to record calories on My Fitness Pal.  My baby's nursery was completely organized and of course my bags were packed and ready for my hospital visit.  Oh how much I envy you first time pregnant mamas to be.  

Now fast forward two years and I'm in the last few weeks of my second pregnancy.  My hip aches from a nerve my baby is putting pressure on.  I would love to do some water aerobics or yoga to help it, but instead I am chasing that first baby around.  I am much over due for a massage and this late in my pregnancy I sure could use one! 

Dinner is an afterthought, let alone recording calories.  I need to feed the little guy and then clean up the aftermath.  I eat so fast that most times I couldn't even tell you the portion size I had to eat.  Eating is for survival not to journal. 

Our pool sits out back and the rafts await for someone to lounge in them.  But as a mother of a busy toddler, floating in a pool is nonexistent.  They advise pregnant women to get their rest. Rest... what's that!  

My bag for the hospital is not packed and I am a week from my due date.  I don't have the nursery complete and my to do list is much too long to tackle. Oh how things have changed!  I remember that first pregnancy.  At this point in my pregnancy, I had everything ready and I was waiting anxiously for the arrival of Baby 1.

So when people ask me if my second pregnancy is different from my first.  My answer is "OH YEAH" the first pregnancy was all about me and this pregnancy has nothing to do with me.  So to those first time pregnant mamas, enjoy those 9 months and take it all in.  It's the last time it's all about you.

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