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Traveling by Train with an Infant

Traveling with an infant is no easy task.  There is no such thing as traveling light.  To make things even more complicated they demand feedings every few hours, frequent diaper changes and lots of snuggles.

So when I decided I wanted to take my daughter to Chicago to visit my friend the thought of driving alone with a baby and stopping often to feed and change diapers seemed stressful.  What if I had to stop in a not so safe area?  What if she cried a ton? Oh man what if I get a flat tire?  My mind raced with every worse case scenario.

Flying was another option. Since I was heading from Detroit it seemed like a waste of time. By the time I drive an hour to the airport, park my car, go through security, and then wait to board my flight, I could be on my way.

Then if dawned on me.  Take the train! Ok, I know they have a terrible reputation for never being on time, but since I would be traveling with an infant it seemed like the most logical choice. I went here and reserved my seat and I have no regrets.

Here are my top 10 reasons why traveling by train is an awesome choice when traveling with a baby!

1. You can nurse whenever your baby demands.  No need to stop and find a safe place to park your car and nurse.  Also on a plane it can be awkward depending on who you are sitting next to.

2. Complimentary Wifi- While traveling I was able to entertain myself by surfing the web.

3. Electricity- Yes this was awesome!  I could charge my phone and my camera battery.

4. Space.  When traveling by train you have tons of space.  The seats are spacious and there is plenty of over head room to store diaper bags and personal belongings.

5. Cool People- At first I wasn't sure what to expect when traveling by train but I must say I met some very helpful and cool people that ride the train.  I had a few good conversations with passengers and everyone was willing to help me load on and off the train.

6. Walk around- It's nice to get up and walk around when traveling. Especially with a baby.  When she got fussy I would baby-wear her from car to car.  She loved it and fell asleep every time.

7. Beverages and Food-  It was fun jumping cars and grabbing a bite to eat from the cafeteria car.  Best yet...They serve beer!

8. Soothing-  The natural sway of the train was very soothing for my daughter and put her right to sleep.

9. Reasonable- Tickets were reasonable and my baby tagged along without a cost. Two and under ride for free.

10. Scenic- It's enjoyable to travel by train and see the country side.  Plus you sneak through some cute little cities.

Have you ever taken the train with children?  If so I would love to hear about your experience.  Would you recommend traveling with a baby by train?

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  1. I tried to travel with my daughter by train but there was not a good experience since there was a lot of noise and my kid was disturbed.


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