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Mothers of Sons

We see it all the time.  Maybe it's an eye roll or the way you shake your head when you talk about her.  Or it's your body language as you reluctantly hand your baby over to her.  Sometimes it's the comments you make to your friends or the tone in your voice when speaking of her to your husband.  Either way, it can't be mistaken.

"Why is she doing that?!"  

"Doesn't she know we have a schedule?!"          "I have to go to my in-laws for the weekend"      

It is clear it's not your mother. We know your mother would never hold him that way or bounce that fast!   You question leaving him with her and thankfully they live out of town so you don't have to deal with this often.

Somehow you have forgotten that she raised the father of your child.  The one you call your best friend.  The one you trust with your life.  The one you choose to be with.  Yes, somehow you have forgotten how she has helped shape the one you "choose" to love.

As mothers' of sons we all stand a chance of being this woman.   With this in mind, it's so important that we speak respectfully of our mother n law and treat her with kindness so that karma doesn't come back to haunt us.

We will always be the first woman our son loved.  The one who helped shape who he has become.  But in the end, there will be a time when we are living in the shoes of our mother n law.

A Son’s a Son 'Till He Finds a Wife: A Daughter’s a Daughter All of Her Life

We will be that woman stopping by unannounced. Or that woman that bounces the baby too fast. And yes, you may even have to come stay with me for the  weekend. We will never be her mother, that we know.  Instead, let's hope that because we were good to our mother n law that one day she too is good to us.

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  1. This is beautiful! My husband ended the relationship with his mother. It was hard for me to respect that since I'm so close to my mom.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I try to remember that one day the will be gone so enjoy while you can

  3. I have to admit my mom has a lot closer relationship with my sister than me and my brothers since we became adults. Maybe I should try a bit harder to reach out. Thanks for putting that thought in my head.

  4. Great read. As a parent myself, I found this really an eye-opening post.

  5. I hope to be a great mother in law since I know what bad ones can be like. But I also know what great mother in laws are too.

  6. Beautiful and a great reminder. Family relationships can be hard, we each have our own way of dealing with them. I'm blessed with amazing family.

  7. Great post. I often tell my husband to make sure I don't turn out to be a bad mother in law. Or, one of "those" mothers.

  8. My inlaws live in another country. We are begging them to come visit.

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