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Having Fun with Food: RAITA Savory Yogurt

Ever since I can remember, I've taken pictures of food. It's so worthy of a picture! Think of how much effort and thought that goes into creating a recipe and preparing a meal.

 With having young children, we've found it easier and healthier to prepare our own meals. There is something to be said about a family that cooks together.  The one thing I've found is presentation is the key! Especially with toddlers. My son loves color in his food. The more color, the better! This is great since most veggies and fruits are colorful.

Since our family loves food so much, you can only imagine how much fun we had with our first food review for RAITA Savory Yogurt. The thought of being able to dip those colorful veggies into a bowl of savory Indian flavored yogurt made my son dive into the goodness.

My daughter couldn't help herself as she grabbed my spoon and made sure she got a taste.  She didn't stop there, after getting a taste of the goodness, she demanded more and I ended up spoon feeding her from the tub. We now know she doesn't have a dairy allergy!

The best part about doing the food review was having the opportunity to try a new product that I may not have tried in the store.  I highly recommend trying RAITA Savory Yogurt for its awesome goodness and bold flavors.  Oh and did I mention it's a Michigan Mom Made product?  How cool is that!

Here are a few fun pictures we were able to capture of our experience.  Delicious snacks and a fun reason to take pictures of food!  Do you have a new Michigan made product you would like us to try?  Comment below. We love to support Michigan Made Products.

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