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10 Ways to Raise a Reader

Raising a Reader

Let's reflect for a moment. When you think of  reading books as a child, what comes to mind?  Did you read a lot?  Did you visit your public library?  How about book clubs, were you part of any? Do you remember laying in bed snuggling to a book before bed?  Or better yet, sneaking to read a book you just can't put down when lights are suppose to be out.  How about your book collection, what did it consist of?

For me a few things stand out.

1.  The Pizza Hut Book It Program.  Oh I loved the challenge of reading for pizza!

2. Reading the Anne of Green Gables Book Collection

3. Reading at home to check off my reading log for school.

4. The discovery of chapter books!  I remember spending a summer by the pool at my grandparents house. It was when I was in middle school. I read a ton of chapter books and discovered sun iced tea.  My imagination was going wild!

Now fast forward a few decades and it's my turn to raise little readers. Reading to my children is important to me.  Even more importantly, I want to instill the joy of reading in them.  So much enjoyment can come from reading.  I know if they become literate rich readers, they will blossom and benefit in many other areas.

Here are 10 ways to help raise a reader.

1. Read a bedtime story EVERY night.

2. Choose age appropriate books.  For your early readers, pick books that have repetition.

3. Visit your local library and participate in a program they offer.  Check out this local public library guide in and around the D. 

4. Make reading fun and rewarding!  While driving in the car, play a game by reading storefront signs.  Have reading challenges.  Read using silly voices and tones.  Create a play using the characters from the book. Reading can be so much fun!

5. Join book challenges,  Often times your child's school or your public library will have reading challenges, especially during March is Reading Month. It's always fun to challenge yourself to read more.

6. Demonstrate reading.  Share your joy of reading by sitting down to enjoy a good book in front of your child.  Make it fun! Read together in the same room and sip on some hot cocoa.   Have a book discussion.  Stop every few minutes to share what you've read.

7. Do a picture walk. Talk about the pictures and ask your child questions such as " why do you think the fish is sad?".  Having book discussions expands vocabulary and enhances reading comprehension,.

8. Read anything.  My son loves when we read the Handyman magazine together.  If you are planning your meals for the week, have your child help you by reading off the list of ingredients needed and help you make your grocery list.

9. Read a variety of text.  There are non-fiction text, fiction books, magazines, school newsletters, poetry, eBooks, comic strips, recipe books, blogs, and the list goes on and on.

10. Praise success.  Learning to read and building stamina can be challenging but rewarding.  Praise your child for his gains and continue to encourage literacy rich activities.

In honor of March is Reading Month, let's add to this list.  How can we raise readers?

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  1. I love your list! I really love audio books. Sometimes kids can have a hard time listening or reading themselves. Having a fun audio book on while they play blocks, color, or read helps them to enjoy reading. I think eventually they will acquire the patience to read themselves. Happy Reading!

    1. Audio! Great idea. I should get a few for my son to listen to or even myself.

  2. My mom raised me as a reader :). I love Book It, too - a few years ago they did free pizza for their alumni too, which was crazy!

    1. That would be cool to do an Alumni Book It experience! I think the program still exists, although I haven't seen it in schools in years and I actually work in a school.

  3. We love the local library and we have been reading with our kids from early in their lives!

    1. I love to hear that people utilize their public library. They have so much to offer.

  4. Great tips. It could really help me out raise a reader in my 4 year old kid. Thanks!

    1. Glad the list may be useful. Look for more reading tips soon!


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