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The Perfect Mother's Day Gifts

A good nights sleep, a quiet morning sipping coffee, and an afternoon yoga class is my idea of the perfect Mother's Day!

Unfortunately,  Mother's Day is only 24 short lived hours! And during those 24 fast paced hours, most of us are still on mommy duty.  Of course my husband helps and tries his best to lighten my mommy load,but the baby still needs to nurse and our toddler interprets "Mothers Day" as a special day to cling to mommy all...day...long. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.  I wouldn't have it any other way, but truth be told, the day is gone with a blink of an eye. But, there are a few things that would make me feel so much better about myself  beyond Mother's Day, such as a yoga or Barre class.

When asked what I would like for any holiday including Mother's Day,  I usually draw a blank stare. But this year, I am prepared! I have created a list of gift ideas that will keep on gifting for more than those 24 short lived hours.     Check out this list of gift suggestions I've created.

Yoga Class Passes

I love yoga!  It helps me stay centered and it's a time to slow down and listen to what my body needs.  I always leave the mat inspired to be a better mom and healthier me.   You can find great deals on yoga passes on Groupon.  Every mom deserves a little time to focus on her body and health even if it's only once a week for an hour.

Barre Fitness Classes

I can't tell you how much energy Barre has brought to my world!  I started a few months ago and my energy levels have been much higher and I feel a ton better!  Feeling great about yourself goes a long way! To go along with your Barre workout you will need to wear socks and you will want socks that don't slip.  Check out these socks for working out during your Barre class.

Water Bottle

Some days when I am feeling sluggish I realize I haven't had enough water to drink.  As  busy moms on the go, it is important that we remember to drink enough water.  This bottle does the math for us to make sure we are staying hydrated. With the summer days coming we will be outdoors a lot and this bottle will come in handy on hot days since it is insulated.  Let's remember to stay hydrated ladies!  Staying hydrated will keep our energy levels up on those busy days.  The list of reasons to drink water is endless.  Drink up!

A good cup of coffee!

I visited a friend for a few days and she reminded me of what a "good" cup of coffee taste like.  We ground the coffee beans, heated the water in a kettle on the stove top, and then made the coffee in a French Press.  If you are like me, you drink a lot of coffee, but it's not necessarily the "best" cup of Joe.  After my visit, I dusted off my French Press and started treating myself to the cup of coffee I deserve!

Toms Flats!

You know how the story goes!  We are all packed in the car and ready to take off and  suddenly I realize I've forgotten the kids snacks on the kitchen counter.  My shoes are on and taking them off is such a pain but I don't want to track dirt onto the floor so I suck it up and take off my shoes. To simplify my life I have decided to ask for a pair of cute flats that can go with something as casual as yoga pants and dressy enough to wear to work.  These Toms  are my answer. Every busy mom should be able to quickly slip her shoes on and off!  The cool thing about Toms is for every pair purchased they donate a pair to a child in need.  How cool is that!

Mommy Coloring Book

 Mommy will you color with me!?! How many times have we heard that line?  The new rave is adult coloring.  It's relaxing, takes our minds off of things, and fun! Things are quickly changing around here.  Now I will be the one asking someone to color with me.

An Inspiring Book on Journaling

 This book is new to the shelves and I've had the pleasure of meeting this author through a few workshops she has held. She is purely a joy to know and full of inspiration. I love to journal. There is something about writing that I find therapeutic and relaxing.  I have a collection of journals I've written since high school.  It's as if Katie Dalebout has written this book especially for me and you. This is a perfect Mother's Day gift since it encourages us to stop and take a moment to reflect and discover our mom selves.

All items are suggested because I love them, have tried them and think you will love them too!  The great thing is, I will receive commissions for any items purchased through the links provided on this page.

What are your suggestions for Mother's Day gifts?  Do you purchase something nice for yourself on Mother's Day? I would love to hear.   

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