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Hosting a House Concert. The New Trend.

Jesse Christiansen #sameoldmetour

It's not a new concept.  House concerts have been around since the pioneer days when families and neighbors would gather in living rooms to hear music from a traveling artist who is making a living through his craft. While traveling on tour, the artist-song writer would usually stay at the host's home and then would travel on to his next destination. Those were the days before wireless radio and iTunes.   As you can imagine, this simple music venue drastically lost its popularity with the rise of technology. 

But the good news it's making its way back!  House concerts are showing up more often and I had the honor of hosting one.  It was such a fun experience to have a musician come and perform for my guests. I instantly fell in love with the sense of community it creates and can't wait to host another one! 

So what is a house concert anyways?

 Think about how many times we've heard great musicians on a stage at a music festival or event but leave and have no idea who was performing.  But with a house concert, you will leave not only knowing the musicians name but with a lasting memory from an incredible evening. House concerts are an intimate way for artist to share their music and gain fans by meeting them personally.

It is also a chance to return to the basics. We don't have to pay a cover charge to sit in a loud bar and pay premium prices for a weak drink. House concerts open the doors to a front row seat and stiffer drink while you enjoy good music.  It's no wonder people are becoming fans of this kind of party.

Opportunity to support an artist.

Will I have enough space?

My first concern about hosting a concert was space.  We are stuck thinking we have to have a stage or large space to host, but the truth is, most house concerts are enjoyed in quaint living rooms where furniture is pushed aside for guests to squeeze chairs together.  Or in my case, we enjoyed an evening  outside by the garden.  Whether you are in doors or outdoors, you are sure to have a good time.

Enjoying a fire and music on a beautiful fall evening,

Who do I invite?

Who doesn't like music! Start by creating a private Facebook event page and invite friends, family,and neighbors. The evening is unique and that alone should spark interest. Your enthusiasm will also make guests excited about attending.

Cheers to a great performance!

What does hosting entail?

House parties all look very different. The band sets a price for their performance and usually sell tickets in advance. This can be done through eventbrite.  The good news is, you should not have to worry about this.  What you will need to do is invite guests and create your guest list. Thankfully Facebook is a good source.  

Your biggest responsibilities are inviting guests and organizing the party. Some keep it very simple and stick with dessert and coffee while others may offer food and beverage. It is strictly up to the host. If you want to stick with the traditional way of hosting a house concert then have a potluck.  My biggest suggestion is setting a budget and sticking within the budget.  Anytime you host an event, the cost will add up quickly.  Make a list of items to purchase and to try to stay within budget. Many times it nice to have guests bring their own drink.

A good pour over coffee is always a great treat for guests. 

How do I find a musician to come to my home?

Thanks to social media it is getting easier to locate musicians on tour.  Google house concerts.  You will be surprised what you find.  Instagram was my connection to hosting.  I was following the artist's publicist and we connected.  There are a few websites that list tours.  Just do a little searching.

About Jesse Christiansen


Jesse is a talented artist songwriter that puts a lot of emotion into his music.  His music is catchy and unique.  He is one of a kind.   You can learn more about Jesse by going to his website at www.jessechristiansen.com.  

I want to hear from you.  Have you been to a house concert or hosted one yourself?  If so, please share.  I would love to learn more about hosting and of course your experience as a guest. 

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  1. That sounds really cool, actually. I have never been, but there's a venue in Ann Arbor called the Kerrytown Concert House (KCH) that used to be a house.

    1. I wonder if it is still hosting. I will have to Google it. There is a home in Detroit that hosts also.

  2. This is so fun! I'd love to go to a house concert! Not ready to host yet :)

    1. Yes, it's also fun being the guest. I'm hoping I can talk one of my friends into hosting one next time and I can be the guest!

  3. This is awesome. Might do this kind of events too but not in our house.Might set up a vacant lot or space for these. Amazing!

  4. I haven't been to one. This looks like so much fun.


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