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Made in Michigan Themed Party

Party Theme: Made In Michigan

If you've ever listened to a Pure Michigan commercial on the radio, you know about Michigan Pride. Those commercials get me every time.  Michigan pride seems to be part of our genetic makeup.  It is in our blood.  It just comes naturally.

Michigan has so much to boast about.  We have the Great Lakes, sandy fresh water lakes, four unique seasons, and we even have our Canadian neighbors to turn to. Detroit comes alive in the Spring on Tigers Opening Day, summer floods with tourism in the northern villages and Fall gets people out to the apple orchards for donuts and cider. Oh and we can't forget Winter, the white blanket of snow is picture perfect!  Michigan is an all seasons resort!

When you look at the rich history of Michigan there is no wonder why we have so much pride.  We're known as the auto capital of the world and home of the Detroit Tigers.  Thomas Edison lit our streets and Eastern Market in Detroit is the oldest market in the country.

Recently I hosted a party with a Made in Michigan theme.  The inspiration came from hosting a House Concert.  The traveling musician Jesse Christiansen was on tour and not from Michigan.  I wanted his stop in Michigan to be different.  As a guest to our state, I wanted to share a little bit of Michigan with him.

 We have our classic Michigan businesses such as Vernors, Better Made Potato Chips, and Detroit Coneys. Entrepreneurship is on the rise in Michigan as new small businesses are forming. We have small businesses roasting coffee and food products making their way to the shelves such as Prayani Yogurt.

The Drink

When planning my party, I decided to mix classics with the new. I also wanted a simple party with very little clean up.  I stuck with one signature Michigan Made cocktail and served Michigan Made Coffee using a Chemex. Guests can have ordinary coffee at home, so serving Michigan made coffee using a pour over technique added to the experience.  I even had the classic Rock-n-Rye on hand. Oh and of course Michigan Brews.

The Food

As I mentioned before, I wanted a simple party with easy prep and clean up.  The party was on a Monday night which screams "keep it simple".

Prayani Yogurt

Every party needs snack food.  Prayani Yogurt is my go to dip for any gathering.  It is so unique in taste and healthy!  Many times a great discussion occurs over its captivating flavors.  I love seeing guests discuss its taste as they dip crackers and bread into it.  

Detroit Coney Dogs

Since Detroit coneys are a true classic, I made a trip  to Eastern Market and purchased skinless hot dogs made by Dearborn Sausage.  I also found Made in Detroit National Coney Island chili frozen at Gordon Food Service.  

Great Lakes Potato Chips

We also served Great Lakes Potato chips which I am a huge fan of. They too can be found at Gordon Food Service. 

I had a blast planning.  Michigan has some cool products.  I would love to host another Michigan Made party again in the future. There is so much you can do.  We have a ton of new products being sold.  Plus it is fun sharing my Michigan Pride with guests. Cheers to Michigan Made Products!

Let's start a list of our favorite Michigan Made Products. Comment below.  We want to know. 

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  1. What a great party idea! We've always got Better Made White Cheddar Popcorn and Faygo Rock & Rye at our house ;)

  2. Lays is my favorite Michigan food product. I haven't had my coffee yet to think of more. LOL.

  3. I have never tried that dip before that is made with yogurt. That really sounds good. Don't forget we also have Kellogs the cereal here too. Which is made in Michigan too.

  4. Nice party idea. Way to have an amazing MICHIGAN way of partying up :)

  5. We went to Valentine's last summer and they have the BEST gin and vodka! Such a cute little place. I love these ideas--great job!

  6. Really a unique theme. Have attended several parties at event venue in our city and all were better than the other. Baked snacks, wines and even desserts were yummy. That too at quite less prices. Their management was well appreciated by all the guests.


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