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Toddler Thanksgiving Turkey-Hand Painting Project

Gobble Gobble

The other day was the perfect fall day.  I could not stand the thought of being indoors.  We quickly collected our supplies and began a painting project.  

As you can see we painted our hands and stamped them on paper and canvas.  We started by practicing with the paper and then did the keepsake stamp on canvas.  

Tip:If nice out, paint outdoors! Saves the potential risk of ruining something and I am much more relaxed.  It tends to get messy around here!  

This little girl loves to paint!  I just let her explore even if a little paint gets on her lips.  Children learn through exploration and play.  I try to let her get as messy as she wishes.  

We even stamped leaves. It is interesting to see the different leaf patterns.

Do they look like turkey's to you?  Now all we need to do is take a black marker and make eyes and draw the feet.

Tip:  Michael's craft supply store has reasonable canvas for painting.  Check online for a printable coupon or have it texted to your phone. 

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Happy Fall!  What is your favorite fall activity with kids?

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  1. Looks like fun. We've been having really nice, warm-ish weather in MI lately so it was a shock to get into the 40s today, lol.

  2. Oh my cuteness, look at big brother painting her hand. So precious!!

  3. Very cute project! Love the colors and can tell that that will be a great addition for the Thanksgiving decorating. Love how easy this is too!


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