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5 Reasons to Eat at Noodles & Company and Giveaway

The other day I had the pleasure to dine with other bloggers as we tasted the various food menu items at a new Noodles & Company store in exchange for this review.  It's always fun getting together with like minded people as we chat about blogging and enjoy eating good food.  As you can imagine, we tried some delicious food items!

If you've never been to Noodles & Company now is the time to check it out!  I came up with my 5 reasons why dining at Noodles & Company is a must.

Number 1: Spicy Korean Bowl

 They now have a Spicy Korean Beef Bowl that is amazing!  The beef is tender and the fresh sprouts give this bowl the perfect texture. If you love spice, this bowl is for you.

Number 2:  Squeaky Clean Establishment 

I think we can all agree on the need for a spotless place to dine.  Noodles & Company is just that...squeaky clean.  

Number 3: Quality Food and Beverage Choices

Everything here is fresh and of good quality.  You can find top brand beverages for on the go and the choices are endless. 

Number 4: Chopsticks

Sounds silly but it's a favorite for my son.  The chopsticks have a connector which makes using them easy for children.  My son suddenly stops being a picky eater and eats because it is fun! Win for all!

Number 5: Because you WON the Giveaway! 

But you can't win unless you enter! One lucky winner will win a free bowl a month for an entire year! Wow, doesn't that sounds amazing!  To enter, click on the link below. 
Good Luck!

To check out more information on Noodles & Company and to see some pictures of other delicious items on their menu, check out a post I did over the summer.  Click here! 

Have you been to Noodles & Company?  If so, what do you recommend? 
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  1. My kids adore the mac & cheese (surprise, surprise). I love the Mediterranean Chicken salad!

  2. I would like the Bangkok Curry bowl.

  3. You had me at chopsticks! Love stopping in there for some Pad Thai!

  4. I love spicy so I would love to try the Spicy Korean Bowl.

  5. The only thing, which always make me visit this place is, that it is very delicious there. Moreover, the dishes are not expensive and waiters are always friendly.

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