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Make your Days less Stressful with these Five Tips

Life has been a little chaotic lately.  Between raising two young children, working, launching a new business, occasional blogging, and those everyday surprises I need to be on my toes.  I love being a working mom and I love the busy life we've chosen but there are times when I just want to stop and throw in the towel.

The other day I was thinking about my days. I started asking myself a few questions.  I even asked my husband his thoughts so we could come up with a plan together.

3 Questions to Consider...

1. What would it take to make my days easier?

2.  How much of this can I control?

3. What 5 changes can I do now to eliminate stress?

Creating an Action Plan

Now it was time for me to plan.  After giving those questions much thought it was time to take action.
Of course all of our lives look different and we have different needs but here is what I found to be most useful.

#1 Shop Smarter

No more dragging kids to the store and battling temper tantrums and forgetting the milk.  Instead check into your local grocery markets for curbside pickup.  So many places will do your shopping for you and all you have to do is pick them up.  Check out Krogers Curbside Pickup.  They will bring your groceries to you curbside.  All you need to do is show up at the scheduled time. 

#2 Gym Membership with Childcare

I was so reluctant to send my children to the gym childcare center for a long time. Germs and illnesses scared me away but recently I decided to accept that we are exposed to germs everywhere! Life was busy and it was hard to find time to do yoga or swim.  In order to keep up with our busy schedules, I needed to make time. Plus getting this membership has been wonderful for managing stress.  Sometimes we need to stop and go to the gym.  

#3 Stock your Trunk

The other day I went to Bordines and they had a kid project.  It was all fun and games until I realized my kids had paint all over them and of course since we were just running down the road, I didn't grab the diaper bag.  Thanks to the mom next to me, I was able to snag a wipe from her.  My take away from this is to always be prepared by keeping an extra set of clothes, sunscreen, wipes, bottled water, and snacks in my trunk.  This way regardless of what we are doing, I am prepared for those unexpected moments. Now that summer is coming, I even packed a swim bag with our swim suits and towels.  You never know when you find a splash pad!

#4 Meal Plan

Oh I wish I could say I have this mastered but I am far from a planner, which makes this a hard one.  But meal planning can save you a ton of time and stress.  Last year I did one of those meal prepping parties and I must say it was very nice to have meals prepped and ready to cook. So many times I am scrambling for ideas for dinner.  Having a plan can save a ton of stress!

#5 Donate Items not in Use

Simplify your life by donating items you are no longer using. If you haven't used it in the last year chances are it is just taking up space and you can let it go.   Thank the item for all it has done for you and set it free.  Someone else can use it and you will no longer need to have a cluttered mind from items laying around the house.  Less stuff can mean less stress!

What else do you suggest?  I would love to hear your ideas.  I am on a mission along with many other women to make our lives less stressful.  Please help us out!

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  1. These are great tips! I just went through and cleaned out our entire house to declutter and I feel so much better already!

  2. De-stressing is huge for me. Whenever I destress I usually get out of the house and go for a walk. Sometimes I just need a change of scenery or a breath of fresh air!

  3. Love these tips! I need to go through and donate a bunch of stuff. I don't like clutter, but we have so many things we don't use anymore with my kids....ahhhh.


  4. These are all really good tips! I really liked the last one. It's a great reminder for me to look all around and see a ton of stuff I should get rid of. Also, the meal planning is a great tip too, one that I have also yet to master.

  5. Gym membership with childcare?! Do they really exist?? I have actually been thinking about that for a long time and wished they had this in place... I still haven't found anywhere near me that has it though. I would love to be an efficient meal planner as well, but most days, I just throw together whatever's in the fridge.

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