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The new At Last Rose and Proven Winners "At Last" Rose Giveaway

This is a sponsored post from Proven Winners Direct. I received 4 beautiful At Last Rose Bushes in exchange for this post and giveaway.  All opinions are my own and I look forward to working with Proven Winners each year.  They have amazing flowers for every garden and and their quality always impresses me.  Now I am thrilled to introduce the new and latest "At Last Rose" by Proven Winners which will be available in 2018!  Also don't forget to enter our giveaway at the bottom of this post!

Roses are known for their symbols of love, life, and beauty.  The rose was also dedicated as the floral emblem of the United Sates in 1986.  Of all flowers, I think we all agree that the rose has significant meaning.  Anyone who has been gifted a dozen of roses for a special occasion knows the deep meaning behind them.  Roses are also the flower of choice for funeral arrangements as they represent life and the beauty one has possessed.

When we first bought our house I was thrilled to see a few rose bushes. I imagined deep red vibrant blooms all summer long as I sat and enjoyed their delicate stance.   Little did I know they are not simple bushes to maintain.  While they are still holding on, they are clearly not thriving like I'd wish.
Roses are susceptible to spider mites and diseases such as Black Spot.  This makes it harder on our green thumb. They also need at least 6 hours of sunlight and unfortunately where my bushes were originally planted, they are not getting pure sun for 6 hours.   They also need to be fertilized and pruned in the early spring and since I am in Michigan it is also important to protect them from our harsh winters.  Sounds like a lot of commitment to me!  But I have great news!  There is the new "At Last Rose".

Finally a tea rose that is disease-resistant! 

As you can imagine, I was beyond exited when I found out about the new Proven Winners At Last Rose available for purchase in 2018.  The At Last Rose makes having a beautiful rose garden possible with it's disease-resistant powers and beautiful blooms.   This is exactly what we've been waiting for!  A rose bush that can make having a rose garden possible!

At Last Roses are simple!  No pruning or fuss!  

Proven Winners Direct has the best flowers!  What I love most, is they are delivered to my door step and are always in  perfect condition.  As a mom with little children, it is hard to garden, but when the flowers are delivered right to your door...you eliminate one of the hardest steps in gardening. Instead I can get right to planting!  Time is essential!

Now you can be the next to plant your At Last Roses!  Enter Below

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  1. My Hubby says instead of a green thumb I have the black thumb of death but I'm sure a lot has to do with the Michigan climate! These look amazing!

  2. That's so funny! I agree Michigan is a hard climate to grow things.

  3. Growing up I remember we had rose bushes and my mom always having to maintain them. The last time I tried, they were covered with black spots.But these sound perfect to be disease resistant.

  4. I love that At Last Rose by Proven Winners is disease-resistant. I love roses but have lost several to diseases. Great to know they are so easy to grow!

  5. I love roses for my backyard.

  6. Beautiful, my daughter would love them.

  7. I love the idea that they are disease resistant

  8. They seem relatively low maintenance. I always hesitate to plant new plants out of fear they won't last, but these seem easy.

  9. I would love to add some color to my backyard. Roses remind me of my grandmother and I love the fact that they will bloom from spring to frost. Thanks for the op!

  10. These are the really good and helpful tips for those are willing to plant a rose in their garden. You are also right they are one of the best choice for funeral. You can make very good looking funeral flower arrangements of roses. Thanks for sharing this tips.

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