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March is Reading Month- Ideas for Making Reading Fun and Giveaway to Junie B. Jones at City Theater

Schools nationwide will come together to celebrate March is Reading Month to spread awareness of the importance of reading each and every day! I bet many of you are volunteering to read to your child's class! There are many ways to make reading fun but before I dive in on all the fun ways to make reading fun...I'd like to share these eye opening stats.

I've received the above information from Nagy & Herman, 1987.

When I first read this I was alarmed.  It made me realize how important it is to read every single day. The more we read, the more we learn.  The more we learn, the more we can achieve.  The more we can achieve, the more we can make a difference.  
I have to remind myself that reading can be done in so many different ways.  For an example, my daughter is into reading to me and she is 3.  She's not reading the words but she is looking at the pictures and telling me a story based on the pictures.  This is reading and it is fun!  It is also a great way to develop vocabulary.

As an English Language Development Specialist (sounds fancy huh!) but in light I'm a teacher of English. I've found that reading comprehension begins with good reading strategies.  These strategies may include using pictures for clues, stopping mid text to go back and reread for understanding, and making connections while reading. We all can learn to become great readers as long as we practice reading!

Below I've shared some ways to encourage reading at home and make it fun. After all reading is for fun! 

Clap out Syllables

If you come across a word that is long and needs to be broken down into syllables...clap it out!

Example dinner ( 2 claps), holiday ( 3 claps)

Stop and Make Connections while Reading

Good readers can make connections with characters and settings within the book. If the setting is at a park, stop and a talk about a time when you were at the park. Kids love to talk about their past experiences and it helps students connect to the book which improves comprehension as you read.  

Role Play Characters

When we role play characters through movement and play, we are improving our vocabulary.  We are also retelling the book which develops our comprehension as readers. 

Recently, I've read the book The Mitten with my children. After I read the book aloud to them, they took turns retelling the book using animal characters from the book.  This was a great way to add play to our daily reading.  My daughter had so much fun that now she always asks to read the book and role play using her barn animals.

Create a Reading Space 

Do you have a special reading space in  your home?  If not, consider making a little reading nook area.  I've seen many cute reading spaces with little home libraries on Pinterest. Gather some fun pillows, bean bag chairs, a lamp, book shelves, and create a fun area. Then dive into a good book. 

If you just want to make if fun for the month of March, pitch a little tent in the basement or play area with sleeping bags and snuggle together and read.

Read Wordless Picture Books

Many advanced readers forget how wonderful picture books are. The illustrations are enjoyable for everyone, including adults.  When using picture books, readers can expand their thinking and vocabulary as they "tell" the story using their own creative thinking. 

A few of my favorite books are Fossil by Bill Thomson and Flashlight by Lizi Boyd.

Visit your Public Library

During March many public libraries host special events in honor of March is Reading Month. It is also fun to go and check out books.  I am amazed at what libraries have to check out.  Recently we fond Vox books which is audio books that read to the child.  This is great for early readers and English Learners. 

Giveaway Time!

If you live within the Metro Detroit area then this giveaway is for you!  We have partnered with 313presents.com to giveaway 4 tickets to Junie B. Jones coming to the City Theater.  

The winner will receive 4 tickets to the Saturday, March 23rd performance at 5:00 PM.  Tickets will need to be picked up at the Xfinity Box Office at Little Caesars Arena. 

For more information on Junie B. Jones coming to Detroit click here.

How to Enter! 

To qualify to win, please comment below on how you are celebrating March is Reading Month.  

This contest will run through Sunday March 8th and a winner will be randomly selected on the 9th.  We will announce the winner on Suburbia Mom's Facebook page and Instagram so be sure to be following us!  Winner will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be randomly selected. 

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  1. We are celebrating by reading each evening before bed (out loud- their book of choice) It usually begins with that's not "homework" and ends with, "I can't wait to read the next chapter!" or, "can we finish it tomorrow?" :)

    1. I love a good chapter book that you can't wait to read the next day! Happy Reading!

  2. We have been reading everyday! Brennon either reads to himself or Quinn, and Quinn reads to me!

  3. We've been reading daily. One day we read both fiction and non-fiction books about penguins and did fun penguin themed activities. We also visited the library to get different books that they are interested in right now.

    1. I find non-fiction books to be so fun to read. They are even more fun followed by a fun themed activity. So cool!

  4. This month my students will celebrate by having a Fun Read Friday every week! We will create our own classroom spirit days as well as free read days. This allows my students to read whatever they like and not just what is recommended during the unit of study we are working on!

    1. Sounds like a ton of fun! Especially the classroom spirit days. It's great to see the kids excited to read and those tote bags are a hit in our building.

  5. Your blog is amazing! Thanks for sharing - you are super mom and super specialist!!

  6. I need to get a dent on my own To Be Read list myself!

    1. I know I have about 4 books next to my bed that I need to start or complelte

  7. This was sent to me from a reader. "We recently discovered Junie B. Jones books and we love them! We are having so much fun celebrating March is Reading Month"-Heidi S.


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