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Labor Day Water Safety Tips

It's hard to believe Labor Day has arrived!  As I look back at our summer I can't help but smile!  What an enjoyable summer.  We hosted many swim playdates and found our way to the beach to play in the sand. I looked at my calendar and reality struck, fall is creeping upon us and it's time to plan our winter vacations.  The thought of those winter cold days make me pause to just really enjoy the sun we are experiencing today.

With the sunny days still here we can't turn down a good swim day!  We need to get out to the beach or pool as much as possible and fuel our souls with fun in the sun!  

If there's one thing I'm most passionate about, it's water safety.  Owning a pool has come with a lot of responsibility.  I never take a safe swim day for granite and make sure my eyes are on our swimmers completely.  The stories of children drowning are so tragic.  

Swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School have made a big difference in our children's ability to swim.  I'm proud of their swim abilities as we continue swim lesson year round to ensure they continue to advance as swimmers and gain those swim skills. Swim lessons are the best way to ensure our children are safe around water. 

Goldfish has educated me a lot about swim safety and I now know that using floats in a pool for swimming gives children and parents a false sense of security.  Who would have thought?  Of course Lifejackets should be used but we certainly can't rely on them.  

Having a pool is a blast but it also comes with a lot of responsibility.  Reminding children to walk around pools, to not hang on to each other while swimming, and no diving in shallow water.  Even though I have little swimmers, I have to constantly remind them of pool safety.  I'm certain the challenge will get even harder with teenagers! 

Here are some of the safety tips I've learned from Goldfish Swim School that I find to be a good reminder of the importance of pool safety. 

Wear your lifejacket
Act. Throw. Don't go.
Take swim lessons
Educate, learn swim safety skills
Respect. Play it cool by the water. 

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