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FREE Home Learning Resources for Children

We are going through a very "strange" time here in the United States.  Schools are closing due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and parents and teachers are finding ways to support education remotely at home. 

Even as a teacher and parent, I find myself  scrambling to remember which resources are free and available for my use.  During a time like this, I thought it would be great to have a list of available resources.

As I organize my plans for the next few weeks, I thought it would make sense to start out with a list of available resources. It's amazing how many useful resources we have right at our fingertips that are free! 

I know many of you can help me add to this list.  Please comment on what your favorite free resources are and I will add to this list.  I hope this list is found useful during these unprecedented times. 

Special Read Alouds

Astronaut Read Alouds

Author Read Alouds

Literacy Resources

Scholastic Literacy Resources

Epic (Free 30 Day Trial)

Teachers Pay Teachers

Typing Pub for Kids

Squiggle Park Kids

Storyline Online

History for Kids


National Geographic-Kids

Live Web Cams

Smithsonian National Zoo

Movement and Music

Virtual Field Trips

Museum Virtual Tours
How about taking a tour of some of the most famous museums around the world? 


PBS Kids


Play Prodigy (Math Games)

Community Resources

Henry Ford Museum Curriculum Resources

Detroit Institute of Arts Educational Resources

Detroit Zoo Educational Resources

Virtual Classroom Resources



Free Printables from Websites/Bloggers

This Reading Mama

Little Dots Education

Podcasts for Kids

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  1. Good list! I am curious to see when schools will reopen ... maybe in the fall, but I am thinking it might not even been till the winter ...

  2. Great list! Our teachers are sending us most of the actual work we do. They also suggested the app Kami, that lets you 'write' on any document on the computer, like a pdf, sort of? Since we print the work, then do it, then scan it back in, Kami can cut out that middle step depending on what we're doing :) Stay safe and healthy!


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