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Social Distancing Day 1

Hi it's Danielle from Metro Detroit and I am practicing "social distancing".  Is that even a term!?!  May I also add that I am "reluctantly" practicing.  I am extremely social person and my extrovert ways make it exceptionally hard to stay put.  I'm the mom that overflows the calendar with activities and it's almost a given that I have one big thing planned to do over the weekends which usually means heading to Detroit. So staying home and NOT having anything in my calendar feels very strange. 

In case you are from another state, I'll fill you in quickly on what is happening here in Michigan.  

Last week on March 12th our governor closed ALL Michigan schools effective Monday, March 16th through April 6th.  At this time, there were only 2 known cases here in Michigan.  One being in the county in which I live. Since my school has spring break scheduled starting on April 6th, we are tentatively returning to school on April 13th.  Let me just say I'm not sure when we will return to school.

The schools quickly made a plan for remote learning and parents scrambled to figure out childcare and plans to work remotely from home. Everything changed in an instant.  My mind was blown.  While I love a chaotic schedule on the weekends, I thrive on a weekly schedule that is consistent and predictable.  Basically we do the exact same thing week after week and it works for us!  We have a schedule and everyone knows the routine.  So having an unexpected break like this is a huge curve ball for my family.  We were just beginning to plan our summer schedule which includes a lot of "social distancing" as an immediate family.  We have day camps scheduled, I have social groups to attend, lunch dates with girlfriends. and let's just say we are not "social distancing" from our community.  To sum this all up I guess you could say this new routine is going to take some adjustment.

I am a mom of two little kids that are so excited to be home with me as my preschooler calls it "play school".  I'm an English Language Teacher (EL) and my daughter always loves to play school.  She wants to be a teacher someday and if she chooses she will be amazing at it!

I am not sure what these next days will entail but I hope to share my little experience from Michigan.  I'd love to know what you are doing.  Drop a line or two below!  

Stay Safe and Stay Home

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