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A Minimalist Approach to the Holidays and Goldfish Swim School Holiday Package

A Minimalist Approach to the Holidays

The holidays are here and we are all busy creating our wish lists and letting Santa know what we want for Christmas.  My kids have been busy circling toys from the Target holiday catalog and they are so excited!  Even Amazon sent us a toy catalog which is extremely smart!  I've been gently reminding them that just because it's on your wish list doesn't mean you will receive it.  It's just that a "wish list"!   I think most of us would agree that many of the our childrens' toys are simply just taking up space and not being played with!

I'm a minimalist at heart but with kids it's hard!  They love their stuff and the hard core truth is I love my stuff also!  Recently, I cleaned out my sons room while he was at school and moved a lot of his toys to the basement.  Having a clean room has changed his world of play.  Now instead of having a roomful of toys he picks one or two toys from the basement and brings them upstairs to play with.  It has been such a game changer for all of us!  

Now with the holidays approaching fast we are facing the toy overload once again! Yes, we can donate to the Salvation Army and make room for new ones but  chances are the new toys will also  make their way to our basement.  It makes me think about the story of the Velveteen Rabbit.  It's only real if a child loves you so much!

“Real isn't how you are made,” said the Skin Horse. “It's a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but really loves you, then you become Real.”

Last year we went on vacation for Christmas and woke up on Christmas morning on the beach!  It was unique and special.  We checked one large luggage filled with our stockings and some of Santa's little surprises!  Yes, Santa found us in Florida and gifted us with small gifts that could make their way home on an airplane!  It was so nice to keep things simple and still just as magical! 

We didn't have any big expectations and loved our day on the beach.  It was the first year that I didn't feel stressed out over Christmas.  It was truly simple and memorable!  We had an experience for Christmas and that made it so special.

With the minimalist term being more frequently tossed around it makes me think about ways to give meaningful gifts that are just as simple and special as our Christmas vacation was.  My biggest takeaway from last year is a sleigh full of toys will not bring joy all year round but the memories we made always bring a smile to our faces and fills our hearts. 

One way to create a year full of joy is to ask our kids what activities bring them joy and have them create a list.  For an example, my daughter loves gymnastics, jumping on trampolines, and swimming. With a list like this we can encourage her to ask for passes to Sky Zone or swim lesson to Goldfish Swim School.  Something that gets us out of the house during the long winter months and promotes happiness!  

How about passes to go ice skating!  

This year I encourage us all to think with a minimalist mind and think of ways to bring joy that lasts longer than a basement full of toys waiting to be loved!

Many businesses offer awesome holiday packages.  One to consider is Goldfish Swim School.  Each holiday season they offer a holiday package for new members. I've partnered with Goldfish Swim School to offer $10 off a holiday package using the promo code holidaydanielle.  The holiday package is offered for $205 and with the $10 off promotion you will receive it for $195!

 The Rochester NEW MEMBER holiday package this year includes: (Offer ends 12/23/19)
  • Family Credit ($180)
  • Annual Reg Fee
  • First 2 classes on us 
  • Goggles
  • 2 extra family swim passes
  • 1 snack shack punch card

I'd love to know your thoughts on a minimalist Christmas. What other gifts can we give that bring lasting joy?

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